Stainless Steel Nostril Scissors


The last thing you want to worry about is injuring the inside of your nose when trimming nose hairs. This is why the Stainless Steel Nostril Scissors features a smooth, rounded tip to prevent poking the sensitive nose area and other facial areas. Although the nose hair scissors are made with safety precautions, these scissors are twice tempered stainless steel for a sharp edge and, therefore, made for long lasting performance. They even have rubber fingerhole inserts for comfort. Using nose hair scissors should be a comfortable experience. It shouldn't be painful. Keep those nose hairs inside your nose so you can always leave a good hygienic impression.



  • Twice tempered stainless steel
  • Rounded tips
  • Comfortable finger rings
  • Hand-finished
  • Sharp cutting edge


What these nose hair scissors can do for you:

  • Short blades and rounded tips for easy and safe cutting along the inner part of the nose
  • Cuts without pulling hair
  • Can be used to trim other facial hair with ease and precision
  • Rubber inserts to provide comfort for fingers while trimming
  • Long lasting performance



Length: 97mm/3.8"

Width: 52mm/2"

Blade Length: 22mm

Jaw Max Opening: 42mm

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