Callus Remover


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When it comes to personal grooming tools, don't forget the ones for your feet!

A callus is the toughening of the skin which usually occurs when skin has been exposed to excessive friction. Normally occurring on the bottom of the feet, they can occur anywhere on the body. If untreated a callous has the potential to create some major medical problems. They can also be very unattractive in appearance. Fortunately, they are easy to get rid of if addressed early. The callous remover is an excellent tool for safely removing callouses. Some callous removers are too abrasive, leaving your skin raw. And some are too mild to do the job for tough callouses. This callous remover meets you in between. It's abrasive enough to work on tough, thick callouses and yet gentle enough to not leave your skin raw.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safe metal abrasive for even grinding power
  • Detachable handle for cleaning and removal of debris


What this callus remover can do for you:

  • Files away rough, dry calloused skin
  • Leaves soft smooth skin
  • Eliminate painful calluses for beautiful skin


How to Use:

For best results, use the remover after a shower or bath to allow softening of the callus. Move in a back and forth motion of the callused area. When used daily, rough skin will become softer and smoother. Use as needed. To clean, turn the small knobs so that the lines on the knobs meet the lines on the handle. Pull the knobs out. Remove the handle and clean the metal abrasive. Reattach with knobs after cleaning.



Length: 83mm/3.3"

Width: 24mm/0.9"

Height: 34mm/1.3"

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