Eyebrow Comb Scissors


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Eyebrow scissors keep eyebrow hairs in check!

If you know anything about eyebrows, chances are you know they can grow like they have a life of their own. Long, overgrown eyebrows can grow in multiple directions leaving your eyebrows looking unruly. Your first thought might be to pluck your brows to maintain them. However, the better solution is to use eyebrow scissors that will evenly cut your brows without giving them an 'over plucked' and 'over groomed' look. An innovative tool, the Eyebrow Comb Scissor allows you to do just that! With an ergonomic design, stainless steel blades and a scissor-like cutting comb, these are unique eyebrow scissors that can trim long eyebrow hairs and at the same time keeps your eyebrow hairs intact. Eyebrow scissors can be a better alternative than using regular scissors because it does two in one. It combs and then cuts the hair. So instead of using one hand to comb the eyebrow hairs and the other to cut, you can do both on one hand. Eyebrow scissors can help you to shape your eyebrows and keep them tidy.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel comb and blade
  • Comfortable handle


What these eyebrow scissors can do for you:

  • Trims unruly eyebrows for an even, smooth and natural look
  • Multifunctionality: trim eyebrows, moustache, and/or beard
  • Combs and trims fast and easy!
  • Comb separates brow to visually see the cut


How to Use:

Place the comb parallel to the skin. Trim across to make even eyebrows.



Length: 120mm/4.7"

Width: 52mm/2"

Blade Length: 20mm

Jaw Max Opening: 68mm

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  • Allie aromathérapie et hydratation
  • Pain de savon artisanal
  • Design unique
  • Fait à la main au Québec
  • 100% naturel
  • Biodégradable
  • Zéro Déchet 

Huile essentielle biologique 100% pure et naturelle certifiée:

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  • USDA
  • Biologique Canada
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