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    The sense of smell is directly related to memory and emotions. This option is ideal for companies, large or small, wishing to experiment with olfactory marketing!

    Allow us to create a memorable olfactory experience for your clients , events and evenings and weddings .

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    A little more about Olfactory Marketing

    The specificities of olfactory memory (intense memorization of odors) encourage companies to use it as an identity mark. Smell has a very strong emotional impact, linked to the limbic system, our emotional brain , which plays a very important role in behavior and in particular, in various emotions such as aggressiveness , fear , pleasure as well as the formation of memory. which keeps our memories, it resuscitates buried sensations since childhood .

    Indeed, smell and therefore smell influence the perception that a consumer may have of the product and it contributes to strengthening the positioning of the latter. For some consumers, smell is a criterion of choice. The state of individuals, their behavior can be influenced by odors, both relaxing and stimulating.

    The smells bring a comfortable atmosphere in the point of sale. When they are distributed in stores, they give an olfactory signature at the point of sale.

    The first research consisted in demonstrating the positive influence of a pleasant odor on the idea that the consumer has of a product or of a person or a place. The smell also has an influence on the consumer's desire to go to a point of sale and the time he spends there.   but also on emotions .

    Odors therefore have an impact on consumers, but not all consumers are equal in the face of stimuli. Differences were noted according to sex, age, culture and the internal state of the organism .


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