Tips for using nebulizer diffusers

Diffuser installation

  1. Place the diffuser in a dry, stable place out of the reach of children and animals.

  2. Insert the glassware into the black mouthpiece, located on top of the wooden base.

  3. Plug the electric diffuser into a standard outlet.

Using the diffuser

  • Make sure that the diffuser pump is turned on as much as possible before filling the glassware.

  • Pour several drops of an approved essence or aromatic synergy, making sure the level is well below the tip of the tubes inside the glassware. Note: it takes about 1 drop per minute of diffusion.

  • You can place the small reducer on the glassware, in order to direct the aromatic drizzle, reduce noise and protect the essence from dust, when it is off.

Diffuser maintenance

  • The best way to maintain your diffuser is to use it regularly. Thus, you avoid that a gasoline remains in the diffuser for a certain time and thickens in contact with the air.

  • If you do not plan to use it for an extended period (from a few weeks to several months), empty it and clean the glassware (with the 94% alcohol found at the SAQ), as the essences could thicken and block the glass tubes.

  • Never use soap or water in your glassware, which could damage the pump mechanism.

Diffuser cleaning in 4 steps

  1. Pass a soft cloth over the glassware to dust it if necessary. Never immerse the pump.

  2. Remove the glassware from the base of the diffuser.

  3. Empty the remaining essence of the glassware into a glass or aluminum container. To clean the glassware, pour a few drops of the diffuser cleaner and allow them to come into contact with the entire surface of the walls. Leave on for a few minutes.

  4. Finally, completely empty what remains in the glassware and let it evaporate. Note: if the glassware is still blocked, soak a few drops of the cleaner for a day.

Precautions for using the diffuser

  • Use an adequate plug in good condition.

  • Make sure your hands are not wet when handling the power adapter.

  • Keep the diffuser out of the reach of children and pets.

  • Do not use the diffuser in an unstable, wet or humid place.

  • Do not leave the diffuser on for more than 2 consecutive hours.

  • Do not attempt to open the diffuser.

  • Use only aromatic essences of very fluid consistency (non-exfoliating).

  • Refer to the list of recommended aromatic essences (to come) or to the synergies created especially for dissemination

  • All glassware is tested at the Zayat Aroma workshop