Why is our essential oil soap the best?

Because we make our soap with   passion and incorporates   best local ingredients , from farmers, beekeepers, distillers, etc. of the beautiful region of Quebec. Some of our ingredients even come from our own   wild picking , which we practice among other things in the Mauricie.

Know-how of the soap dish

I "brew" my soaps at very low temperatures. this is called the   cold saponification . However, I brew them at the critical temperature limit, a few degrees near to miss them. So I can assure you that the majority of our soaps have never exceeded 45 ° Celsius during the whole saponification process.

Soap of exceptional quality

This knowledge allows us to preserve the properties of vegetable oils   but also not   not reach the   melting point of the essential oil that I integrate into it.   This allows me to keep a   not degraded odor   as well as the properties of the ingredients.

Wash and moisturize in one step

Our body soaps   generally contain 5% essential oil and 22% shea butter . Why shea butter? Because it is one of the rare vegetable fatty substances which does not transform into soap. This is called surgras. And that is one of the reasons why our soap is super moisturizing and that it is the best.

A beautiful soap for the eyes, nose, body and the environment

And then my favorite part of creation is the visual side: I have fun making the most beautiful design of plant or mineral colors (which we call our swirls). Then I cut, stamp and cut them one by one ...

These are like my mini works of art, both visual, olfactory and efficient. Of course they are super moisturizing but also ecological, biodegradable and zero waste.

A hard soap that lasts

If you pay attention, you can use it for about 4 weeks because it weighs 130 gr, it's still a big compared to what we find on the market. Use a soap dish and keep it out of the reach of water.

Tips to keep your soap longer

  • Use a soap dish
  • Stand up instead of lying in your soap dish
  • or Choose a soap with a Senseaura cord and hang it after each use.

Try Senseaura soap ... you won't be disappointed!

Also, when you place an order, you can write in the comment section, which of our soap you would like to have as a free sample because in each order we add a soap sample!


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