Natural, derived, vegetable, animal ... The ingredients of cosmetic products

Many of our customers ask us questions about the ingredients in Senseaura cosmetic products.

Are the ingredients used in your products really natural? How do you choose the raw materials that make up your cosmetics? Do you use chemical ingredients?

If we do not pretend to have the infused science and to know all the ingredients used in the confection of cosmetic products in general, we however know ours perfectly!

In this article, we will therefore answer the most frequently asked questions about our ingredients to help you understand the composition of our cosmetic products.

Natural, Derivative and Synthetic: The different types of ingredients


The ingredients used in the creation of cosmetic products can be of different types: natural, derived from natural or synthetic products.


At Senseaura, we always favor natural products and their derivatives, most often locally produced and Ecocert certified.


But before I tell you a little more about it, here is some information to know to understand the difference between natural ingredients, their derivatives and synthetic ingredients.



Natural products must meet two conditions to be considered as such: be of natural origin (vegetable, mineral or animal) and not have undergone heavy transformations.


In summary, natural products can only have undergone physical treatment (sieving or distillation, for example).



The ingredients derived from natural products are also of natural origin, but are treated with green chemistry (cold saponification, for example) or very simply transformed (vegetable butters).


In any case, natural ingredients and their derivatives cannot contain solvents or be refined.



Finally, synthetic (or chemical ) products are either heavily processed or derived from synthetic molecules, that is to say made by humans.



Natural ingredients and derivatives of natural ingredients in our cosmetics.


Natural ingredients and their derivatives can come from three distinct origins: animal, vegetable and mineral.



Ingredients of animal origin in our cosmetics

At Senseaura, the only raw materials of animal origin that we use are beehive products, mainly honey and beeswax.

Our partnership with La Ruche begins with a beautiful meeting that happened five years ago: that with Mr. Têtu, a beekeeper.

This incredible gentleman was first a volunteer cooperator for the Center for International Studies and Cooperation for 8 years, in Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Ecuador, before founding, in 2010, Nectamiel, in the Saguenay region .

Passionate and competent, Mr. Têtu knows his job and provides us with ingredients of extraordinary quality for making our cosmetic products.

Ingredients of vegetable origin in our cosmetics

The thousand virtues of plants offer us powerful active ingredients for making highly qualitative cosmetics.

This is why at Senseaura, we mostly use ingredients of plant origin to make our products.

Essential oils, vegetable oils, vegetable butters and lentils are among our favorite raw materials.

We always favor fresh, local and organic ingredients to make cosmetics that respect the environment and are safe for health.

The ingredients of mineral origin in our cosmetics

Minerals also have interesting properties for well-being and beauty, and they are found in some Senseaura products.

For example, clay, whether green, white or pink or Manicouagan is widely used in cosmetics to rebalance and cleanse the skin.

Pumice stone also makes an excellent natural exfoliant, which helps to erase the skin and remove impurities by a simple mechanical action.

The chemical ingredients in our cosmetics

The first rule of Senseaura is to avoid, at all costs, using synthetic (chemical) products in the preparation of your cosmetics.

However, it sometimes happens that it is necessary to integrate chemical ingredients into certain products while waiting for a natural alternative to be discovered, especially for their preservation.

Where it gets worse is that there are a multitude of chemicals, sometimes obscure in origin and of variable quality.

To maintain the quality of our products and keep our promise to design the most natural cosmetics possible, we only allow ourselves to use chemicals labeled Ecocert .

Our few chemical ingredients are therefore only chosen from the shortlist of products authorized and certified by ÉcoCert.

In this way, we have good visibility on their quality, their provenance, their biodegradability rate and their manufacturing process.

Whatever the composition of our products, they never contain parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, petroleum products and sulfates.

The Écocert label in our cosmetics

At Senseaura, we use Ecocert certified raw materials to make our cosmetic products.

In this way, we can be sure that our ingredients comply with specific standards during their production, preparation and distribution, which ensure less impact on the environment.

This also allows us to have a good visibility on the origin of our ingredients, which is not always obvious in the case of non-certified raw materials, which it is difficult to trace from the distributor to the producer.

Local and organic ingredients in our cosmetic products

Finally, among the ÉcoCert certified raw materials that we use in making Senseaura products, we always favor Quebec producers.

By negotiating directly with the farmer, we manage to shorten our supply chain for ingredients that are even fresher, local, affordable, but also more respectful of the environment (less carbon footprint) and with optimal traceability.

When we don't find locally produced organic ingredients, we look primarily to Canada.

In some cases, we also prefer to source where the best quality raw materials are, no matter where in the world, to ensure the quality of our products.

For example, our organic Damascus Rose Water comes directly from a producer in Bulgaria, whom we hope to visit one day ...

Here are some examples of ingredients used in our cosmetics from Quebec farmers:

  • Honey & Beeswax
  • Manicouagan clay
  • Organic sunflower oil
  • Organic Canola Oil
  • Organic hemp oil
  • Essential oils of balsam fir, black spruce, etc.
  • Organic lentils…

… And this list only gets bigger during our tours of farmers and artisans! Follow us on Instagram to discover our adventures.

If the names of certain ingredients still bother you and seem chemical, do not hesitate to ask us your questions in the comments of this article!

FAQs on ingredients in cosmetic products

What are the different types of ingredients used in your cosmetic products?


At Senseraura, we mainly use natural products and derivatives of natural products to make our cosmetic products.

Synthetic products can also be added, only when they are essential for the conservation or use of the product.

What is the difference between a natural ingredient and a derivative of a natural product?


The natural ingredients come from natural sources (vegetable, animal or mineral) and used as such or after a purely physical transformation (sieving, for example).

The ingredients derived from natural products come from natural sources, but may have undergone a green chemical treatment, that is to say a minimal transformation, without solvents, and respectful of the environment (cold saponification, for example).

Do you use chemical ingredients in your cosmetic products?

Certain chemical ingredients, which allow the product to keep well, for example, are still irreplaceable today, and you will therefore find them in Senseaura products.

The few chemical (or synthetic) ingredients that we use, however, are all Ecocert certified, and we hope to be able to replace them with natural raw materials soon.

Do you use natural ingredients of animal origin in your cosmetic products?

The only animal ingredients we use are beeswax and honey, and our products are not tested on animals.

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