Essential oil diffuser: How to diffuse essential oils without an electric diffuser

An electric essential oil diffuser generally sells for between $ 60 and $ 90 in the cosmetic products market and those of "high quality" like our nebulizers which easily reach the more than $ 120 ... but they are made in Quebec by a real glass blower!

Those that are bought in stores in Canada as at Walmart often come from large manufacturing countries like China and are delivered in endless layers of packaging . There is pollution during manufacturing, transportation, and I'm not even talking to you about where they end up in life.

Obviously, we know that like all electrical devices, they have a limited lifespan (long live planned obsolescence!).

But, highly for you, we recently discovered a sustainable , ecological and affordable way to diffuse essential oils without an electric diffuser.

How to broadcast without a diffuser

I present to you the Manicouagan clay roller

But what is it concretely? A pebble is simply a small ball of crushed clay which contains fragrant essences which propagate in the air and will spread their good smell throughout the room.

Herbs, flowers, fruits, etc. There are smells for all tastes! And unlike the electric diffuser which spreads its fragrance in a fairly concentrated and sometimes altered way, the pebble allows a natural odor to reign in a more subtle and refined way.

When you enter the room, it smells enough for you to notice, but not too much to give you an olfactory shock. It's a little hhhmm, nothing too intense. Just what you need for your delicate nose.

It costs you just $ 20, it's so much better for the environment and you can even revive it a lot of times when it loses its odor about a month later.

Hopla you put it in the microwave (no more than 10 seconds !!!) then, you put a few drops of essential oil of your choice, you rub it well as it takes to make the whole penetrate (but not too hard , otherwise your pebble may break!), then you let it stand in the freezer to conceal it and poof, you get a brand new pebble! And in the worst case scenario, if unfortunately your pebble breaks, crush it between 2 glasses and re-shape it to your taste.

The only problem is that below 20C ° it diffuses its odor less, so, during cold winters as we know them so well in Quebec, it is recommended to install it near a calorifer or a source heat. Placing it in a place in the sun also does the trick!

However, what makes these pebbles so special is the origin of their clay…

Manicouagan clay

Is the story of the creation of the rollers, I had an interview with the creator of Seneaura Karen Thomassin, a woman completely flyée and trippy. If you're not interested, you can skip to the last page for information on the upcoming event. But believe me, the story of creation is really cute and I encourage you to read it! :

It all started when Karen (the creator of Senseaura) felt remorse for ecological conscience because of the imports she made for her shop. Her orders for an essential oil diffuser from China involved a lot of plastic waste and she wanted to remedy this. She had also heard of a high quality clay that came straight ... from Quebec ?! Eh yes !

Manicouagan clay is special because of where it comes from… a meteorite crater! Since the crater was formed millions of years ago, the soil clay has been filtered by frost, earth and rocks, creating an extremely pure clay that has a multitude of benefits. In short, as Karen put it so well: "It really is the hottest clay. "

It is extracted by Manicouagan Sea Minerals , an eco-responsible Quebec company that cares deeply about the environment and it appears in their techniques. They have a process that allows nature to regenerate well each time they take clay, and that's pretty well thought out.

To put it simply, they remove a layer of bog which they put aside, they take the clay they need, then they put the bog back in place. Neither seen nor known, as if nothing had happened, the ecosystem can continue its small business quietly. In addition, they do this in winter to protect the environment as much as possible.

It is therefore not for nothing that the Manicouagan Sea Minerals company holds the seal of the Manicouagan-Uapishka biosphere reserve.

So our entrepreneur took her phone with both hands and called the president. Between two hunting and fishing discussions, it really clicked between them! The owner became attached to Karen and the next day she received the clay at the station in a boiler that is reused because obviously, Karen and he had in common the concern for non-recoverable waste.

So, drawing inspiration from a pebble that her mother had brought her from Europe, Karen made different prototypes of pebbles, had them put to the test by her personal team of testers, called Design Thinkers and redesigned and improved to create the ultimate pebble. She has largely surpassed her mother's model pebble, because Karen's is just as cute, but in addition it carries its smell for a very long time!

Here it was, the story of the birth of Karen's pebbles!

You can also attend the demonstration that Karen will give at the #SelfLoveMovement evening at Sibéria Spa, organized by our friends from Other Sea Bikini and watch the production of your pebble live !

When: July 18 at 8:00 p.m.

Where: Café du Sibéria Station Spa 339 Rue de Genève, Quebec, QC G2M 0C1.

What you will see: You can choose your pebble ingredients, like the smell and the color, on site and discover how it is created! You will also be able to see unique bikinis handcrafted in Quebec by super creative girls. (Visit their site to shop for a bikini!)

Otherwise, you can get your first pebble on the Senseaura site for only $ 20.

And believe the girl who has a pebble in her room, the smell is worth the cost!


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