What is a CO2 extract

CO2 extracts are very pure and very odorous plant extracts. They are obtained through a specific process and are widely used in perfumery and now in aromatherapy .

How CO2 extracts are obtained

CO2 extracts are extracts of pure, natural and ecological plants. Thanks to its exceptional diffusion power, supercritical CO2 will seek the active principles of plants deep within their plant cells and allows them to extract many useful substances, which are not soluble in water or alcohol. .

Supercritical CO2 allows the entire extraction of the plant: flowers, roots, seeds, pits, it is a clean and ecological method that uses little energy. CO2 is considered to be an "organic" solvent.

The advantages of CO2 extraction

The advantages of supercritical CO2 extraction are multiple: In the supercritical state (an intermediate state between the gas and the liquid obtained under high pressure), CO2 (carbon dioxide) will play the role of extraction solvent, it does not present any toxicity and is completely eliminated in the form of gas at the end of extraction, by the simple return to atmospheric pressure. The working temperature is sufficiently low around 35 °, it avoids the degradation of thermolabile compounds (sensitive to temperature) of plants treated by this process.

This is an unavoidable asset for making homemade beauty products, because the CO2 extracts contain very concentrated properties.

CO2 extract at Senseaura

You will find the CO2 extract of coconut in our Coco Lime bath milk!

Our organic Vetiver essential oil is also extracted by Co2

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